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Botox for Men

Botox for men is an injectable treatment that temporarily paralyzes the muscles around your forehead to reduce or stop the muscle movements that cause deep lines and wrinkles. It’s a common misconception that Botox freezes the face in place. Instead, it paralyzes the muscles in the face, causing them to weaken and get thinner. Men are prone to heavy lines on their foreheads and drooping brows as they age, so for more masculine and natural appearing results, men should seek out a Brotox expert!

Check out a couple of the reasons why men are choosing to get Botox injections:

  1. Availability of easy outpatient treatments — Brotox offers easy outpatient treatment for men who go through the process. The actual treatment takes 10 minutes. You get in, get out, and go on with your day. It’s fast and easy, not to mention fast-acting!
  2. Wider cultural emphasis — Celebrities and women aren’t the only ones using this process. Maintaining physical appearance has become increasingly popular among both men and women who want to look younger. BOTOX® Cosmetic is FDA approved to treat all appropriate adults. Clinical studies show that for moderate to severe frown lines and crow’s feet, 17.5% and 12%, respectively, of patients treated with BOTOX® Cosmetic were men.
  3. Increased emphasis of value of youth in workforce — The job market is constantly shifting and becoming more competitive. For a long time, studies have shown that physical appearance is linked to career success. Men are choosing to use Botox procedures to keep their appearances up and maintain competitiveness in the workplace.
  4. Men aren’t immune to the aging process. Historically, society has emphasized women’s physical appearances, especially as related to the aging process, over men’s. However, with changing societal norms and shifting focuses, women aren’t the only ones who wish to reverse the hands of time and look a little younger and more energized. Along with the skyrocketing popularity of social media, there is a greater emphasis on physical appearance for both men and women, making cosmetic procedures like Botox or “Brotox” highly sought after.
  5. Improve self-esteem and quality of life. On a more personal level, like many women, men can benefit from the self-confidence boost that Botox may be able to provide. When you look your best on the outside, you tend to also feel better about yourself on the inside, which can have a positive effect on your overall happiness and quality of life.

A typical visit: in the office

  • Consultation

Discuss any concerns you have and ask your specialist questions.

  • Assessment

Your specialist will do a facial analysis to figure out the best treatment plan for you.

  • Treatment

If appropriate, your specialist will inject you with BOTOX® Cosmetic. The actual treatment takes about 10 minutes—get in, get out, get on with your day.

  • Follow-up

Check out and schedule your next appointment. Call your specialist if you have any additional questions.

  • Results:

After Treatment
24 TO 48 HOURS
You may begin to notice results within 24 to 48 hours for moderate to severe frown lines.
Up to 4 MonthsResults have been proven to last up to 4 months in clinical trials for moderate to severe frown lines.